MMA Betting Markets

There are many types of MMA betting markets available. You can choose Over/Under, Parlay, Moneyline, Grouped rounds, and more. You can also place bets on the method of victory. Here are some popular MMA betting markets:


Betting on mixed martial arts has become a popular activity on the internet in recent years. A variety of online sportsbooks offer over/under odds for the upcoming fight. MMMA betting over/under works in a similar manner as other sports bets, but the difference is that there’s no specific winning formula. A successful MMA bettor looks for opportunities when oddsmakers get it wrong. Fortunately, this strategy works well on most major MMA events.


When placing a bet on MMA matches, you may have to place a Parlay bet. Parlays are wagers on multiple outcomes of one fight. If you bet $100 on both fighters to win, you will need to correctly select the outcomes of both fights. While this type of MMA betting is more risky than other types, the rewards are also more substantial. Parlays are often used by high-stakes bettors, but they are not suitable for novices.


When it comes to MMA betting, you have two choices – a two way Moneyline or a three way Moneyline. The two way moneyline is the most common type of betting in MMA, and pays the favorite the most, while the three way moneyline allows you to choose whether you want the fight to end in a draw, KO, or a decision. While the two way moneyline is the most common type of MMA betting, there are many other types of bets that can be placed.

Grouped round betting

If you enjoy wagering on MMA fights, you may want to try grouping round betting. This type of betting lets you bet on several rounds of the fight at a time, with the odds typically lower than those of individual rounds. You can choose which fighter you think will win the fight, or you can bet on the fight going the distance. Grouped round betting is an especially convenient way to place bets on MMA fights, as you don’t have to choose just one fighter.


While moneyline MMA betting is cut-and-dry, the draw is still a possibility. A draw occurs when a fighter fails to answer the bell after the first round. This result makes all bets for the first round void. Another option is a technical knockout, wherein a fighter loses the fight before the 10th round. A technical knockout also occurs when the referee steps in to stop the fight.